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Looking to find some help for Destiny 2 exotic quests? You can access the vault from the Tower, near the Banshee-44 — the Gunsmith. The vault comes with 500 inventory slots, and all you need to do is open the vault, open your inventory, and start storing or withdrawing items. If you find something you really like and are afraid of deleting, you can lock a weapon by pressing shift on PC or pressing an analog stick with a controller. At that point, you can’t delete a locked weapon until you unlock it.

Daily Heroic Story Missions – These are the Heroic (read as hard mode) versions of missions you encountered throughout the story. As they are of a higher difficulty, you get better gear. There will be two opportunities a week to earn Legendary Gear from these missions and a further piece of Legendary Gear for completing three in total. Even when you have finished these goals, you are still rewarded with a piece of gear upon completion, but it won’t increase your overall Power Level. The Reckoning – As one of the additions in the Season of the Drifter, the Reckoning primarily focused on wave based PvE objectives. Players were tasked with completing one of three difficulties in a wave based dash to the finish environment. If you’re interested in chaining together kills under pressure, this is definitely the game mode for you. As an added bonus, if you are able to offer specific motes before entering the arena, you will enter special legendary gear that has bonus perks specifically for Gambit Prime. See extra information at Destiny 2 Boosting Services.

This is the pie right here. You get the best hand cannon in the game without doing all the annoying Luna’s Howl kills, let’s skip the Luna’s all together. Kill clip rapid hit fully automatic scout rifle – Randy’s just WOW. You get the snappy, super forgiving sniper Revoker to pair with it. The must have kinetic spike grenade kinetic grenade launcher, mountaintop. To top it off we’re throwing in the Recluse, best in slot for PVE.

Bungie has been updating Destiny 2 ever since it was released and this has seen tons of challenges being released including last week’s the mystery of the Corridors of Time. After collectively spending tons of hours all Destiny 2 players were able to unlock a new Exotic quest for everyone to earn Bastion, Saint-14’s Exotic fusion rifle. Let’s take a bit of a walk down memory lane at the moment. The Season of Dawn started on December 10 2019, which means that we’ve been chasing after Saint-14 and dealing with a whole lot of wibbly wobbly time stuff for almost two months. That being said, the recent Empyrean Foundation event which we’ve covered for you right here means that instead of slowing down, we reckon the Season of Dawn is ratcheting up to a big finish.

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