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Top rated gaming accessories in 2023 by BlogSavvy: If you’re anything like many of us, you’ve spent the bulk of your gaming career fatefully devoted to the console life. But maybe, you’re starting to think about investing in a proper PC gaming experience to get in on all of those video games you’ve missed out on over the years. Worry not, dear friend: this PC gaming nerd has your back. For PC gamers, the amount of choice in your setup can be overwhelming. You know you’ll need a computer, but that’s about it. Should you pick up a gaming laptop—like our favorite pick, which is the Asus ROG Strix G15 AMD Advantage Edition (available at Best Buy for $999.99) —or should you get yourself a desktop with all its related peripherals? How do you even know what to look for in devices? We did the work for you, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite PC gaming essentials. We’ve checked out dozens if not hundreds of gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, and gaming laptops in order to find the best in each category. Discover extra information at keyboard switch types.

The detachable microphone is a gem, too. For those used to almost shouting into a headset microphone to make sure your friends could hear you, the Penrose’s microphone sensitivity is a breath of fresh air. The boom arm is highly adjustable, and the Penrose models sound so good it’s easy to forget they’re geared for gaming when you’re using them sans microphone as Bluetooth headphones, listening to magnet-powered renditions of your favorite music. Not only is this a great gaming headset, it could even be a full-on upgrade to your regular headphones. A huge array of strengths—durable design, awesome sound quality for lots of different kinds of content, and intuitive controls—balance well against the Penrose’s only real weakness: all that power drains battery life pretty quickly. These take a few hours to charge, and you only get about 15 hours of use for every full charge. However, if you can get in the habit of charging them nightly, they’re one of the best-sounding gaming headsets around, and worth the high price tag for audiophile gamers.

I’ve been using this keyboard for the past few months and aside from its lack of compatibility with the PS5, this is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards you can buy right now. The lightspeed wireless technology makes for a fast connection to your PC, and helps to reduce the amount of latency between your key presses and the game response. It also has the ability to effortlessly switch between the lightspeed-connected device and a Bluetooth-connected device at the push of a button. Other things like the volume scroll wheel, and dedicated media playback controls are even more reasons to love this keyboard. But most of all, the battery life and build-quality are what make this the keyboard to beat. While it’s not the only great gaming keyboard out there, it currently stands at the top. If there was one or two things that could be improved though, it would be support for the PS5 via Bluetooth, and the use of USB-C instead of micro USB for the cable connection when charging.

The Razer Seirēn X is an affordable and high-quality USB mic, ideal for streamers who are beyond headsets and want something a bit more professional. It’s essentially plug-and-play, designed well to be portable, and will pick up good vocals without the need for much post-production for secondary uploads. However, despite being frontward facing you can still often hear keyboard and mouse noise and the bass and low mid-range could be better. For $99.99 MRSP though, we’d say it’s one of the best at this price point. Design-wise, it’s as small as a soda can and looks professional in black (not overly-gamer), though you can always go for the pink model if you prefer to stand out. It is also well made and sturdy to absorb shock and desk juddering, and you can change the volume and mute controls with a dial and button on the mic itself. The specs are what you’d expect at this price; one supercardioid polar pattern, 16-bit bit rate, and 48KHz sample rate. As noted, its background cancellation is not great, but it’s only immediate noises that it’ll pick up, not people chattering downstairs. Ultimately, for gaming and streaming on a budget without being called out by your friends for sounding like a robot, there’s a lot to like about the Razer Seirēn X.

As for sound, picking up a quality headset can result in a more immersive experience. And if you’re into competitive gaming, it might mean the difference between life and death. The HyperX Cloud II is a great option if you want to go wireless, while the Razer BlackShark V2 is a high-end wireless headset. If you find that the laptop’s display isn’t quite large enough, checking out the Samsung Odyssey G7 or the MSI Optix G24C4 is not a bad idea. And if you have more of a budget to work with, the best 4K gaming monitors might be more to your liking.

The controller’s layout is based on the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. However, the button layout automatically swaps to the ABXY Xbox face button layout when connected to a PC. Other features include an auto-fire button and a macro button that can record and play up to 10 minutes of key presses. First-person shooter fans might not like the triggers, which feel wooden and don’t offer trigger locks or customizable tension. The Gulikit KingKong 2 Pro spans Nintendo Switch, PC, MacOS, iOS, and Android compatibility, and connecting to supported devices is easy. There are clearly labeled pairing buttons with bright LEDs that indicate pairing status, and you can switch between four paired devices. The controller offers a robust 25 hours of battery life and wired use over USB is also an option. The Gulikit KingKong 2 Pro is our go-to wireless controller choice for Nintendo, PC, Mac, and mobile gamers. Its comfortable layout, pleasant materials, and Hall Effect joysticks puts it ahead of the pack.

The HyperX Cloud II is one of the best gaming headsets if you’re looking to go wireless. It’s extremely comfortable even during long play sessions, it fits most heads thanks to an adjustable band, and the battery lasts about 30 hours. Most important, the sound is clear and the microphone won’t annoy your friends. Connect to your PC with a 2.4GHz dongle. If you’d like to stick with a wired headset, there’s none better than the Razer BlackShark V2 that we reviewed. It employs Razer’s TriForce titanium 50mm drivers for bumping sound, and you can carefully tune audio with Razer’s software. THX Spatial audio is even available. The headset is lightweight, comfortable, and the microphone is removable. Find even more details on

What Are the Benefits of Using Quality PC Gaming Accessories? There’s a lot of PC gaming gear out there that claims to offer good performance when playing the latest titles. But what are the benefits of choosing the best PC gaming accessories brands over cheaper or unbranded varieties? Gaming is a unique task for a PC and to perform at its best you need quality products designed specifically with that in mind. Only the best-branded gaming gear stands up to the test and this can be easily researched by looking at benchmark testing online – sites that compare specs and do tests to measure true performance. Higher quality PC gaming accessories are made with better, more sturdy materials and will last longer under intensive use. Not only are they less likely to physically break but their drivers and online support will carry on for many years to come.