Online Mafia browser games top selection

Assault Online is about competing and working with other players. You can start a clan, help each other out or attack each other and grab more land. Or even attack others with your clan, the choice is yours. Attacking is limited with Morale and turns. You can explore Land or sell it. Start researching to get more money or to get better at attacking, shipping etc. Manage your buildings, units, missiles and satellites. Use marketplace to sell or buy items, use forum to look up information.

The Mobster Game is a free text-based browser mafia game. This game is the best mafia MMORPG since 2006. Join with players so you could attack them and defend yourself. You must choose your path well because there are drugs, theft and murder out there. You can also organize and create your empire. Be careful and be wise. Start playing and enjoying the best mafia game right now.

Reunited City is a mafia browser game where you have a possibility to explore Reunited City. The basic aim is to increase stats, get stronger and become one of the greatest gangsters ever. That’s why you need to train in the gym and commit crimes, so you could gain experience as a criminal. You can earn money by getting a job, gambling in casino or selling items. In jewelry quarter you can find beautiful necklaces, watches and rings.

Top Mafia browser game: Do you want to be the strongest man in the game or the richest player around? Who are you? You may never reach your goals but they might also change along the way. The answer to the question is not important. Mafia MoFo is about the journey a normal, sane person takes into the seedy underworld of crime and grime. Join an established dynasty – or even start your own. Declare war on the law itself and rob and plunder or take on your fellow hoods in gang warfare in which the ultimate prize is control of the money and the power that comes with the territory. Sell drugs, become an assassin, engage in betrayal and get betrayed yourself as you build your criminal empire. Open and run a crew, flood the streets with high-priced smack, or just work as a go-between that freelances in the criminal underworld. Feeling the heat in one city? Venture to another where there are even more or different opportunities for you to explore. Mafia MoFo Reloaded is about the journey your character takes and the discoveries you make along the way. It will change your perception of an RPG. Each choice and branching path leads to a new reality filled with different options and consequences than ever before. Some games you play, but in Mafia MoFo Reloaded, you become the game. Unleash the MoFo in you and start building your criminal empire today. In Mafia MoFo Reloaded, you may never answer that question but you will find out who you are. The only real question is: Will you like the answer you discover? That’s because Mafia MoFo Reloaded unleashes the Tony Soprano that lurks deep down in each of us. There are the kingpins and the pawns and the go-betweens. There are the civilians, the law, and those skirting the lines between right and wrong. Nothing is ever clear cut and the rules are always changing. In Mafia MoFo Reloaded, you hit the streets with a dream but the streets end up shaping your reality. Do you want to sit atop a criminal empire or do you want to bring it down? Read more info at Mafia Online Browser RPG – Mafia MoFo Reloaded.

While playing Extreme Mob Wars you can become one of the mobsters and enjoy being surrounded by mafia life. You should hire people to work for you so you would be the boss. You can hire bodyguards, hitmen and thugs to protect you, but there’s also a possibility to hire dealers, hustlers, bootleggers, whores and punks to work in a business. Use your workforce to produce illegal narcotics or make fake money. Earn a profit and keep all your money in the bank.