Fix: PS4 Error CE-36329-3

The infamous error code appeared a while ago and the problem is still bugging PlayStation 4 users who are just trying to solve the issue and continue using their console as if nothing has happened. However, the problem can sometimes be easily solved by implementing one of the various methods which can be used to solve the problem.

Also, sometimes the problem can be attributed to server maintenance and, if that was the real cause, there is nothing else you can do but simply wait for the problem to go away. If this is not the case, follow the instructions presented in the solutions below to try and solve the problem.

Solution 1: Use a Different PS4 Account

The funny thing is that the error usually targets a specific account instead of the whole PS4 and its connection which means that the problem can be avoided simply by using a different PSN account. If this solution does not interest you since the process of moving your progress can be demanding, feel free to take a look at other solutions.

  1. Start up your PS4 and navigate to New User >> Create a User or User 1 on the PlayStation Log-in screen.
  2. This should create the local user on the PS4 itself, not a PSN account.
  3. Select Next >> New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account > Sign Up Now.

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