Nintendo Wii ROMs & Emulators

Searching for Nintendo 64 ROMs & Emulators? Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of retro gaming, various options are now available to accommodate those who own old titles and wish to emulate them legally. Many companies have emerged over the years that have taken a different approach to consolized emulation. The likes of Hyperkin have created hardware that is able to use original game cartridges for various systems, enhanced additional features.

There aren’t many games to have ever captured the sense of bleak isolation as expertly as this SNES classic. As bounty hunter Samas Aran dropped into a desolate world, it’s an homage to Alien, evoking the same gnawing tension as Ridley Scott’s cinematic horror, while the brooding, synth-led soundtrack prompted further shivers. A high-end car, a beautiful girl, blue skies and a long strip of road to the horizon. It’s not so much a race as a high-speed cruise, taking you on the ultimate US road trip. Explore even more info on

The NES Classic Mini is perfect for Nintendo nostalgists. The slick presentation of the hardware, an adorable, miniaturised design, and a list of games that are a whirlwind tour of 80s essentials make it a must-have. There are issues, yes (the controller cables are too short and there’s no way to download additional games), but the 30 titles that are included here are stone-cold classics. Metroid. Super Mario Bros. The Legend of Zelda. Excitebike. The list goes on. When coupled with the ability to save and display in HD at 60Hz, the NES Classic Mini is a welcome return from an old favorite.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is hilarious. That’s not a word you often use to describe a video game, but the humor in this game will have you breaking out in fits of laughter. Mind you, the jokes are quite adult, so keep the kiddies away for this one. The story starts off as a red squirrel named Conker wakes up from a night of drunkenness, and he has to find a way back home. In his journey, he comes across rambling scarecrows, evil teddy bears, big breasted sunflowers, boilers with brass testicles, dinosaurs who just want a friend, and a boss known only as The Great Mighty Poo. It’s completely nuts. Conker is a platformer game that breaks all the rules, and yet is still fun to play. See a few more info on Download ROMs.