Play online bubble shooter

Play bubbles shooter now! Bubbles shooter is free to play on our website. This is a bubble shooter game in the traditional gameplay but with levels. You play on multiple levels. You win if all bubbles are gone, you lose if the bottom row gets under the red line. You can change the bubble by clicking on the “change” button. The bubbles on the bottom right are an indicator of when the new row will drop. Keep an eye on the bubbles to make sure you don’t go game over. When you are almost game over the screen will flicker to warn you about the danger. You have 10 seconds to shoot your bubble, otherwise it will release automatic. The screen will go black for a short period of time if a new line is dropping.

The original bubbleshooter game. This is the most played bubble shooter version availible. The playing field with the green, red, purple, blue, yellow and light blue bubbles is unique and have set the era for hundreds of clones of this hit game. Check out bubbles extreme or puzzle bobble, these 2 classics are great for everyone. Bubbles extreme is an extreme version of bubble shooter and puzzle bobble is the original version, it’s an one on one copy of the original game.


– There is no time limit, you can choose the right bubbles to pop in any time you want
– In the left side you will see the next bubble that you get to shoot
– You can use the borders in your advantage, your bubbles can bounce off them to reach difficult spots
– You are game over if the rows touch the ground
– Make combination of bubbles that are hanging of rows that you pop, they will disappear too
– The game ends if the bubble shooter balls reach the bottom or if you pop all bubbles

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